Abundance is a life-long pursuit. Sharing its secrets is my passion.

Who I Am

My Story

My mission is to live and enable others to live joyful, meaningful, accomplished lives, to thrive … or as the emerging science of positive psychology puts it “to flourish.” I am not a psychologist. I am a former business executive. My work is enlightened by a 40 year business career, including serving as CEO of three major food organizations (Kraft Canada, Borden Foods Corporation and Best Brands Corporation) and by a deep and passionate interest in positive psychology.

I am the author of two books – Happiness: The Art of Living with Peace, Confidence and Joy and Thriving in the Second Half of Life. I teach courses in positive psychology at DePauw University and at Canyon Ranch (the leading health and well-being spa) and to corporations across the country. I am co-founder of Positive Foundry, LLC, an organization dedicated to enhancing performance of their clients though teaching the skills that lead to flourishing. When individuals flourish, their organizations flourish. Finally I do personal consulting, helping leaders clarify and integrate the purpose of their lives and their businesses and to create organizations that are engaged and effective in bringing about the chosen purpose. My consulting leads to tangible benefits in both human and financial terms.

I have a BA from DePauw University, an MBA from Dartmouth’s tuck School of Business and an honorary doctorate from DePauw University.

–Douglas. A. Smith

My Mission

Writing it was easy, living it is another matter

In a world of scarcity, I will act with abundance. In a world of fear, I will act with love. In a world of anger and retribution, I will act with forgiveness. In a world that is fragmented, I will integrate all aspects of my life. In a world of materialism, I will be guided by my spirit and a concern for what is enduring.

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